15 Apr 2015 » Using Flask & MongoDB to add pagination
pagination of search results With a growing number of public GitHub events, search results had to be displayed in multiple pages. Using a flask plugin and rewrite of MongoDB queries I implemented pagination!

15 Feb 2015 » Launching Ask GitHub!
ask github Delighted to launch Ask GitHub to search latest GitHub public timeline, answer questions and provide insights. Hosted on Heroku, technology stack includes languages Python & Node.js , NoSQL databases MongoDB & Neo4j , Flask web server, Bootstrap front-end framework, Typeahead integration and scalable-vector-icons from Font Awesome.

12 Dec 2014 » Next Challenge? Try Rock Wall Climbing
rock wall I was inspired to try something new that challenged me, got me thinking and brought out the best in me. Rock wall climbing reinforced for me 3 simple powerful lessons. I shared my story on LinkedIn!