05 Dec 2016 » Next Challenge? Moving Forward and Chasing Dreams
if you can dream it, you can do it! I am joining a tech startup in San Francisco after 13 years in public sector! My amazing journey reinforced 3 simple powerful life lessons. I shared my story on LinkedIn.

15 Aug 2016 » Lego & Linked List
lego and linked list Linked list and Lego share an interesting common feature - Lego blocks and Linked list can be rearranged to build interesting shapes to solve interesting problems. Let's deep dive!

22 Jan 2016 » Continuous Integration and Deployment with GitHub, Travis CI, Sauce Labs & Heroku
test-cases-passing Continuous Integration tool Travis CI seemlessly integrates with GitHub, Sauce Labs & Heroku to automate building, testing and deployment - critical steps to automate web application development and improve productivity!