Writing your own Chrome extension

Dec 19, 2015

Do you catch yourself repeating tasks on your browser? How can I save time? Exactly this was the driving factor behind learning to write my own Chrome extension.

I found three amazing tutorials that provide a step by step introduction to building your own Chrome extension.

  • Sitepoint’s 10 minute tutorial provides an excellent starting point to build an extension quickly and then spend the next several minutes taking a closer look at the dynamics and code behind developing an extension.

  • Gabe Berke-Williams Chrome extension tutorial offers in-depth explanation behind developing a extension. Specifically the anatomy of manifest.json, idea behind content scripts and backend scripts and messages passing between backend scripts and content scripts.

  • Tom Boutell’s extension to Google Calendar tutorial takes a few giant steps and offers an interesting perspective about making changes to Google Calendar DOM on the fly with audio and animation!

Links to these amazing tutorials and code are posted at Chrome Extension Examples repository


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