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Jul 27, 2014

NodeBots are robots that are controlled by Node.js. You can build creative solutions by taking advantage of numerous libraries and collaborating with passionate developers. It is also easy to get started with minimal effort and cost.

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Today I attended the International Nodebots Day in San Francisco. I picked up an Arduino starter kit, installed johnny-five (already had node installed) and got an LED to strobe on and off. Latter I tried using Tessel. After installing necessary modules I tested camera, climate and accelerometer. The picture quality was good and with minimal effort I could display temperature and humidity.

Ambient weather and humidity output on terminal</a>

Using Node.js you can programatically trigger notification via email, text or tweet. You can also programatically trigger recepies using automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT. Certainly I see amazing endless possibilities!

  1. Johnny Five (Firmata based Arduino Framework)
  2. Tessel start
  3. Node.js


  • nodejs
  • arduino
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