15 Feb 2015 » Launching Ask GitHub!
ask github Delighted to launch Ask GitHub to search latest GitHub public timeline, answer questions and provide insights. Hosted on Heroku, technology stack includes languages Python & Node.js , NoSQL databases MongoDB & Neo4j , Flask web server, Bootstrap front-end framework, Typeahead integration and scalable-vector-icons from Font Awesome.

12 Dec 2014 » Next Challenge? Try Rock Wall Climbing
rock wall I was inspired to try something new that challenged me, got me thinking and brought out the best in me. Rock wall climbing reinforced for me 3 simple powerful lessons. I shared my story on LinkedIn!

27 Jul 2014 » Hello NodeBots!
Nodebots Logo NodeBots are robots that are controlled by Node.js. You can build creative solutions by taking advantage of numerous libraries and collaborating with passionate developers. It is also easy to get started with minimal effort and cost.